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CCA Fellowship Program

CCA Kitakyushu operates Fellowship Program for young artists and researchers those who are engaged in art, curatorial work, design and architecture. At the end of the program, the fellows are required to present the results of their project either in the report, exhibition, etc. with advice from the directors. Application deadline for the program 2018 …

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Paid internship for an art professional of Arab origin

Paid internship for an art professional of Arab origin  A 12-week part time paid internship at Beurschouwburg initiated and supported by Mophradat. Start date: 15 January 2018 Application deadline: 3 December 2017 REQUIREMENTS: – at least 3 years of experience in a field of contemporary (performing) arts – speak Dutch or English and have basic computer skills …

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Artists’ Development Programme 2017

The European Investment Bank (EIB) Institute is pleased to announce the 2017 edition of its Artist’s Development Programme (ADP), looking for two visual artists (born after 1 January 1982) from Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Poland and Romania. The ADP offers emerging European visual artists a month-long residency in Luxembourg, enabling them to develop …

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CEC ArtsLink Five-Week Residencies

CEC ArtsLink promotes international communication and understanding through collaborative, innovative arts projects for mutual benefit. They support and produce programs that encourage the exchange of visual and performing artists and cultural managers in the United States and 37 countries overseas. ArtsLink Residencies offers artists and arts managers from eligible overseas countries a five-week residency at …

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ICCROM Internship Programme

If you are a graduate in archaeology, architecture, art history, conservation/restoration, engineering, library science, museology, public administration or urban planning, you may be interested in undertaking an internship at International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM). The programme is open to candidates from ICCROM Member States. Internships are …

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ASEF Creative Networks

ASEF Creative Networks encourages the establishment and/or strengthening of bi-regional cultural networks connecting Asia and Europe. Existing and emerging cultural networks are invited to apply. The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is launching the 2nd call for proposals and welcomes the submission of projects that will take place between 1 April and 30 November 2015. The submission …

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Join the European Cultural Parliament Youth Network

Call for applications concerning young people’s participation in the establishment of the Cyprus Youth Network of the European Cultural Parliament. A Pan-European Network of young professionals boosting the value of the Arts & Culture. Deadline: 22 November 2013. Apply here

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International Piano Competition, Fribourg

The Association Jeune Musique (AJM), with headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland, has the following goals: to promote 20th and 21st century music; to bring together people who would like to contribute to making this music better known and developing it; to encourage musicians, especially the young, to interpret and create this music AJM promotes an International …

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OECD Global Youth Video Competition

The worst financial, economic and social crisis of our lifetime led to widespread condemnation of “business as usual” and calls to revisit, rethink, and test new approaches to economic and societal challenges. We need to rethink the kind of society we want and reexamine the economic models and other tools we use to create it. …

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TRIBE – Art network of residency spaces in the Balkans and East Europe

T.R.I.B.E. – a new network of residency spaces in the Balkans and East Europe, dedicated to research and production of Transitory Art, launches its first open call for artistic and research residencies to take place between March 2013 and April 2014. TRIBE network aims to examine vital cultural, political and social questions in a way …

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