Internship opportunities at the EU Delegation to Ukraine

Internship opportunities at the EU Delegation to Ukraine

Objectives of traineeships

Traineeship in EU Delegations has the following main objectives:

  • to provide trainees with a unique experience about the daily work of an EU Delegation while learning about the representation of EU interests and values outside of the EU;
  • to offer trainees the possibility of discovering directly the multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic working environment of an international organisation such as the EU;
  • to offer trainees the possibility of applying the knowledge acquired during their studies or their early professional life;
  • to create a group of young people with direct experience in the work of the EU outside of its borders and who could become future collaborators of the EEAS or other EU institutions;
  • to enhance the connection between the EU Delegation and the local academic and University world when trainees are recruited locally.

Who can apply?

Traineeships are addressed:

  1. To students, in the framework of an agreement with a local university, who undertake a compulsory or recommended training period as part of their course and are already residing in the place of training.
  2. To trainees receiving financial support from a university or another institution but located elsewhere in the world.

Traineeship opportunities in the Delegation

Traineeship positions may be established where there is an interest by the Delegation and where the Delegation has adequate logistical capacity to host trainees in a budget neutral manner. Once there is an explicit need and possibility to host an intern at the Delegation, respective vacancy announcement will be placed on the Delegation’s website and on the Delegation’s Facebook page.

Please note that:

  • Internships at the Delegation are not remunerated by the Delegation.
  • The intern is responsible for covering all costs related to travel, visa and medical insurance.
  • The intern is also responsible for finding suitable accommodation and covering accommodation costs for the duration of the internship.

Internships take place at the EU Delegation based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The training period involves obtaining practical experience in one of the Delegation’s departments. Tasks given to trainees may include compiling information and documentation, organising working groups, forums, public hearings and meetings, preparing reports/analyses and replying to queries, participation in team meetings, filing, photocopying, linguistic revision of texts, etc.

Eligible candidates for traineeships

Academic background and Universities

Candidates are University students (in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th academic year). Each Delegation will decide which diplomas and studies may be relevant to the type of traineeship they offer. Candidates will present an ability to communicate in the main working languages of the Delegation (English and Ukrainian/Russian).

Previous professional experience

The traineeship programme is foreseen for candidates with no professional experience. Other internships are not considered as professional experience. The EEAS wishes to offer to as many people as possible the opportunity of training. Therefore, applications will not be accepted from candidates who have already benefited or benefit from any kind of training (formal or informal, paid or unpaid) within an EU institution.


Candidates should be nationals from the EU Member States, pre-accession States or citizens of Ukraine.

Selection process

Whenever there is a possibility to offer the internship, the Delegation will organise the selection process based on merit and aimed at ensuring as much as possible that all candidates are treated in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way.

Selection procedures:

1.       Candidates may be selected from Universities (local and worldwide) in implementation of a specific agreement signed by the University and the EU Delegation.

2.       Spontaneous application of students receiving a grant/scholarship from the University or another institution, as mentioned above.

Spontaneous applications can be sent to

Spontaneous applications are kept on file and are considered when the opportunity to take an intern arises. Only preselected candidates are contacted.


Traineeships may be offered in any Section of the Delegation.

A traineeship agreement will be signed by the trainee, the University and his/her supervisor in the Delegation before the start date of the traineeship. The trainee will have to declare that there is no real or potential conflict of interest.

The documents to be submitted by the selected candidate:

  • Passport or identity card, stating the name, first name, date and place of birth, as well as the nationality. The spelling of the name, first name and the nationality must be the same as those declared in the application form.
  • Attestation of a sickness/accident insurance valid during the period of an internship (covering candidate on the territory of Ukraine).
  • A recommendation letter from the University
  • Traineeship agreement signed by the three parties (the trainee, the sending University/Institution and the EU Delegation receiving the trainee).
  • CV
  • Signed motivation letter

Given that all required documents submitted by the selected candidate are in order, the internship shall start in 5 week time. This time is required to verify the documents by the Delegation, to validate the internship by the Headquarters and to grant all necessary IT accesses for the coming trainee. Candidates for an internship at the Delegation shall consider this time-frame when sending their applications.

Duration of the traineeship

The usual duration of a traineeship should not exceed 6 months.  The working conditions and the status of the trainee in the host country should be in full conformity with the local legislation. Hence, maximal possible time to do the internship for EU citizens is restricted within 90 days (no visa required period) unless an EU citizen candidate already resides in Ukraine. The internship period shall be limited by the official term of such residency.  The Delegation cannot provide any visa support for a candidate who intends to do internship at the Delegation.

Expatriate trainees have to register with their national Consulate or Embassy or any other resident diplomatic representation competent for their nationality. This is particularly important in case of an emergency or evacuation.

Duty of discretion and non-disclosure of information

Trainees shall observe the greatest discretion in regard to all facts and information of which they become aware in the context of their traineeship or presence on the premises of the Delegation.

Trainees shall not communicate to any third party any information, correspondence or documents which they are required to draw up or of which they become aware of in the course of carrying out their assignments, or be party to any statement, interview or publication relating to matters dealt with in the course of their assignments.


The traineeship cannot start until the trainee has offered written evidence that he/she has a suitable insurance sickness/accident which covers expenses occurred abroad. For expatriate trainees, it is highly recommended to complete guarantees offered by the insurance with specific repatriation coverage. The EEAS has included trainees under the AXA insurance scheme for non-statutory staff, covering death or injury during the traineeship period. However, this is a complementary insurance and it does not replace the main insurance to be obtained by the trainee himself/herself.

End of traineeship

At the end of their traineeship period, trainees should complete a report detailing the work that they have carried out during their traineeship and their assessment of their experience. The Supervisor should also contribute to this report and provide some guidance and advice, if appropriate, in the final report.

The premature end of the traineeship shall be agreed by both sides.

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