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logo_natoThe construction of the new NATO Headquarters (HQ) on a site adjacent to the current headquarters in Evere, Belgium is currently underway and will result in a working environment which is more modern and significantly different from that of the current NATO HQ. Issues must be identified and measures put in place to ensure that all aspects of the current HQ operation and capability make the transition into the new HQ environment. The relocation to the new HQ and the start of operations in the new building must occur without any break in business continuity and in a manner that makes full use of the considerable investment being made in the new HQ. Communications with a diverse audience of multiple stakeholders are a critical element in the success of the transition to the new HQ.
Transition management is required for all activities related to the shift from the current HQ to the new HQ, from the initiation of the transition process in the present HQ, through to the occupancy of the new site and until the decommissioning of the present HQ and the steady-state operation of the new HQ have been achieved. Transition management covers areas that are politically and financially sensitive as well as technically complex and requires the ability to work harmoniously and co-operatively with a large variety of stakeholders and staff in a demanding international environment. The Transition Programme is governed by the Transition Board (TB) chaired by the Assistant Secretary General for Executive Management (ASG EM) and is being planned and executed using established industry best practices and Prince2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) methodologies.
The New Headquarters Internal Communications Officer will be responsible for the identification, planning and execution of internal communications projects and activities which directly support and contribute to the success of the Transition Programme. The incumbent will become a member of the Transition Office (TO) team which is tasked with the delivery of the Transition Programme to the new NATO HQ. This position will run through to the end of the core communications needs of the Transition Programme, estimated to conclude in 2016.

Closing date for applications: Friday, 15th November 2013.

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