Photo Competition – Jobs for Europe, Europe for Jobs

jobs4eu-photo-competitionDecent employment, which allows people to earn a living, to participate in society, to develop their skills and to find satisfaction, is a fundamental need for everybody and for each society.

Today, jobs are changing fast, new kinds of work develop and traditional professions disappear. At the same time, globalisation, migration, new technologies and the economic crisis all affect jobs and the way we work in Europe.

The European Union provides opportunities for job creation, labour mobility and training, while setting standards for health and safety at work. However, unemployment, especially among young people, remains an enormous challenge.

How do you see jobs in today’s Europe and what does Europe mean for jobs? Capture with your camera your job reality or your job aspirations in Europe and try to win great prizes including a trip to Brussels for two and photographic equipment worth up to € 2,000.

The competition is organised under the theme: “Jobs for Europe, Europe for Jobs“.

Compliance with the theme of the competition is compulsoryParticipants are asked to illustrate through a photography what they expect from or experience in the EU in terms of employment and job creation.

All winners will be awarded a 3 days trip for two persons to Brussels, capital of Europe.

In addition, the following prizes will be awarded:

  • First prize
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 2,000.
  • Second prize
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 1,500.
  • Third prize
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 500.
  • Prize awarded by public vote
    Photographic / electronic equipment worth up to € 500.

The competition is only open to amateur photographers.

Photographs must be submitted before 30 June 2014.

Read more and submit your photographs here.

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