Entrepreneurial Approaches to Education

International-Network-of-Innovators-in-Education-INIEThe entrepreneur is a critical factor in reforming education, because he/she is responsible for the innovations that replace inferior practices. The innovations introduced by the entrepreneur break down the existing barriers (creative destruction), and this fact stimulates others to follow their lead. This year’s conference invites such entrepreneurs to share their ideas on how we could modernise today’s educational systems, organisations, and practices. Creative and innovative proposals for presentations under the following themes (not limited to these areas) are welcome:

The entrepreneurial organization – Under this topic proposals addressing organizational processes that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. The session will explore questions like: What are innovative educational organizations? What distinguishes them from other organizations? What are the challenges for establishing an entrepreneurial culture in an educational organization? What benefits do entrepreneurial organizations provide to the individual, to the community, and to society?

The entrepreneurial teacher – Under this topic proposals dealing with the challenges of teaching entrepreneurship in a school/university environment. The session will explore questions like: What are the best forms to teach entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to students? Who is the right teacher for such a subject? How can student acquire practical experience in entrepreneurship? What is the role of national and international organizations in fostering entrepreneurship education?

Social entrepreneurship – Under this topic proposals that deal with the impact of entrepreneurs and technological innovations on the education process itself and how they can help to solve wider social problems. The session will explore questions like: What innovations are needed to enhance the educational process in the 21st century? What is the role of entrepreneurs in changing educational practices? How can entrepreneurship skills and knowledge benefit the individual and the wider community?

Other proposals approaching current issues within a broad definition of education will also be considered.  Presentation proposals must approach a matter of educational research, practice, policy or leadership.

June 04, 2014 at 12pm – June 05, 2014
Jagiellonian University / Institute of European Studies, Krakow, Poland
Please note the Early Registration deadline is Sunday, 11th May.

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