Open EPSO Competition – Assistants (AST 3) in the Field of Parliamentary work

ep-logoThe European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is organising an open competition, based on qualifications and tests, to draw up a reserve list from which to fill vacant posts for officials as ‘Assistants’ in the European Parliament.

The European Parliament (EP) is looking for experienced, multi-talented and highly motivated staff to work for one or more of the following sectors relating to parliamentary assistance:


— Assist Administrators in a Parliamentary Committee Secretariat: prepare, format and check official European Parliament (EP) documents (legislative files/reports, opinions, etc.) in accordance with current EP models and (internal) rules with the help of specific/in-house IT applications and tools/macros; send finalised documents for translation via the internal system of translation on demand and ensure the follow-up prior to publication onto the EP website (strictly plan and stick to translation deadlines as a means of fulfilling Parliament’s policy on multilingualism).
— Receive amendments to legislative texts tabled by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) via the EP established-channels, check their conformity with the reception criteria and process them via a specific drafting tool, managing a specific macro to establish provisional voting lists.
— Assist the Head of the Parliamentary Committee Secretariat and Administrators in establishing timetables for the legislative dossiers handled by the Parliamentary Committee.
— Assist in planning and organising Committee/Delegation meetings (annual planning of meetings in accordance with other parliamentary activities as defined in the official EP calendar, drafting of agendas/orders of business, compiling dossiers for the Members to have at their disposal — in paper and via the Intranet channels — during the Committee meeting (e-Meeting/Paperless EP-related tools), etc.).
— Assist in overseeing and handling the administration and smooth running of: (1) Committee and Delegation meetings (liaise with other EP departments: scheduling, logistics, ushers, interpretation, technical equipment, records of attendance and minutes, etc.); (2) public hearings; (3) other Committee/Delegation events such as joint parliamentary meetings, informal meetings and trilogues involving interinstitutional actors in the context of ordinary legislative procedures and preparatory meetings at staff/technical level;
The above duties will occasionally require you to welcome experts, national authorities etc. (from EU and non-EU countries) who will take part as speakers in the Committee/Delegation meetings, hearings and other events and to ensure the reception of other invited visitors.
— Assist with the organisation of Parliamentary Committee/Delegation missions and other events outside the three places of work of the European Parliament (Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg).

— Keep electronic registers and files and circulate the appropriate documentation relating to (reasoned) opinions by national parliaments, implementing measures and delegated acts/comitology.
— Assist in drafting explanatory texts for the general public as well as for internal use in the form of keywords, headings, background notes, etc., in your first language and in English, French and/or German, and supplement textual information with multimedia components.
— Produce and finalise page layout (proofreading/checking language quality, compliance with standards, etc.) for document publication.
— Regularly update the Parliamentary Committee/Delegation or Unit website on the internet (Comparl) and Intranet (e-Committee).
— Draft the Parliamentary Committee/Delegation or Unit newsletter and regularly update the list of subscribers.
— Search other institutions’/agencies’ websites for press releases and the Factiva press database.
— Process the generic functional mailbox of the Committee/Delegation/Unit by acknowledging receipt of mail relating to legislative dossiers and to non-Plenary related activities carried out by the Committee/Delegation; update and file new mail in the electronic file;
— Produce and send, via the specific channels of the EP, standard internal letters and notes for the signature of a Committee Chair, of the President of the European Parliament and/or other governing bodies, as well as other standard correspondence (invitations to public hearings organised by the Committee, replies to citizens, etc.).
— Ensure the smooth daily running of the Committee/Delegation or Unit secretariat as regards practical arrangements and information flow to and from the secretariat.
— Assist management in an area or areas of functional and/or operational responsibility, assisting on various issues in order to facilitate decision-making.
— Follow all activities in the organisation structure, passing information up and down the hierarchy, facilitating interdepartmental relations and maintaining contact with staff.
— Provide administrative support where needed.

These duties will require you to liaise frequently with different services within your Directorate-General and with various departments of the European Parliament and other European institutions, with the parliamentary assistants, political groups’ officers and with outside stakeholders.
The specific knowledge and skills in the various areas indicated above and the technical specifications for the European Parliament’s IT environment and specific IT tools require good IT-literacy skills.
These duties may require travel away from Brussels on a monthly basis, namely to Strasbourg during the European Parliament’s part-sessions.

Deadline (including validation): 13 January 2015 at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time.

Official notice here.

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