Hostwriter Journalism Award

logo-HostwriterHostwriter is a global collaboration network for journalists, journalistic bloggers, journalism students and documentary filmmakers.

Hostwriter Journalism Award is the contest that encourages all of those who use this platform for work and collaboration to apply for the award.

Submission from all forms of media are acceptable as long as they show collaboration with colegues and other authors. Posts can be published in any language with the condition that application is writen in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Hebrew and that the author provides abstract in English.

All of the submitted pieces must be pubslihed by 31st July.

Submission should be consisted of project descriptions in maximum 350 words,description of colaboration and the way it enhaced journalistic work, explanation about using Hostwriter for the project, list of applicants with names, adresses, age information and link to Hostwriter profiles and photos and acces to the original project.

The best will be awarded with 2000€ for the first prize and 1000€ for the second prize.

The thirds prize of 1000€ will be awarded to a student or a journalist who did not have the fond for publishing the story and they need to include following information when applying:

1. A 50-word pitch!

2. A resume with more in-depth information on the idea, a list of potential interview partners as well as a list of the authors of the story with names, ages, addresses and a link to each hostwriter profile!

3. Describe how you are planning to include hostwriter in your research

The contest is open until 31st July 2015 and for any further infromation and application you should visit the original webstite or contact Hostwriter`s official via folowing email adress:

Good luck!

Language: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Hebrew

Submission deadline: 31st July 2015

Read more and submit your entries here.

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