RISK ANALYSIS OFFICER/DATA MANAGER – European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA)

The Authority

ESMA is an independent EU Authority that was established on 1 January 2011. ESMA’s mission is to enhance investors’ protection and promote stable and orderly financial markets. This mission is derived from ESMA’s founding Regulation and encompasses three objectives:
  • Investor protection: to have the needs of financial consumers better served and to reinforce their rights as investors while acknowledging their responsibilities;
  • Orderly markets: to promote the integrity, transparency, efficiency, and well-functioning of financial markets and robust market infrastructures, and
  • Financial stability: to strengthen the financial system in order to be capable of withstanding shocks and the unravelling of financial imbalances while fostering economic growth.
ESMA achieves its mission within the European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS) through active co-operation with National Competent Authorities (in particular with securities market regulators) as well as with the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA). ESMA has a unique position within the ESFS as it focuses on the securities and financial markets dimension and the overarching European aspects of these objectives.
Job framework and profile
ESMA is organising a selection procedure for the profile of “Risk Analysis Officer/Data
Manager” in the Data and Statistics team (DST) of the Risk Analysis and Economics (RAE) Department.
Risk Analysis and Economics is the analytical and statistics department at ESMA. It monitors market, systemic and innovation risks in the EU’s securities markets, financial infrastructures, and asset management industry, conducts research on market functioning, investor protection, and financial stability issues. The Department is also responsible for ESMA’s data management and providing statistical services to the organisation. In doing so, it contributes to ESMA’s operational duties, including regulatory impact assessments or supervisory stress testing, and to the work of EU and international bodies, such as the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) or the Financial Stability Board (FSB).
The Data and Statistics team (DST) is responsible for managing proprietary and commercial data at ESMA and for providing cutting-edge statistical services. Developing data and statistical capabilities is a strategic objective of ESMA. Overseeing a wide and growing range of statistical databases and regulatory and supervisory registers, DST is further developing ESMA’s unified approach to data management, including definitions, formats, sourcing, quality and security management, continuity, automation, and user interfaces. Relying on these data sources, DST cooperates with other RAE teams and ESMA departments on developing market indicators, risk metrics, and tailor-made statistical analyses for topical research in ESMA’s remit, including securities markets, market infrastructure, and financial investors.
Location: Paris, France 

Application deadline: 29 May 2017

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