Open call for summer volunteer – Transylvania

Nocrich-Scout-CentreDuring the summer of 2013 ,55 volunteers from 10 different countries(Argentina, Spain, France, Denmark, Italy, New Zeeland, South Africa, USA, Germany and Romania) joined the Nocrich Scout Centre volunteering programme for couple of days or even months.

The year of 2014 calls you to bring some changes to the world around you and live with other volunteers in a wonderful and magic place like Nocrich.

Many activities, from cooking, organising programmes for other scouts or running the administrative part of scout centre are waiting for you.

No matter your age, at Nocrich Scout Centre you will find great opportunities of volunteering in which you can have a lot of fun and learn new things. This is the place where you can make new friends from all over the world and improve your romanian, english, french, german and other language skills.

Scout groups from different European countries like Germany, Belgium or Norway already announced their presence and the centre needs volunteers to welcome them.

Who can participate? everyone who wants and who is over 15 years old

For how long? 1 week – 1 month

How much would it cost? 3 euro/day (costs which can cover a part of the food budget)

Aplications deadline: 15th of April 2014

During your stay at the scout centre you will have the opportunity to take part in teams like:

Programmes & animation team Animators form the most dinamic team. They can help, at the groups requirement, with the scout activities and they mantain the connection with the community. When you will be in this team you will get to know the local craftsmen and their trades and communicate with scouts from different cities. Another important job for this team is to develop specific scout activities for the scouts from Nocrich.

Cooking team This team will prepare the dishes for all the members of the staff team. Along with a cooker you will clean the vegetables, wash the dishes or prepare different kinds of food. You can also bake cookies or home-made bread in the outside oven.

Administrative team This team takes care of the cleanliness and the well being of the house. They will administrate the tools workshop and the camping equipment (tents, camping dishes, fire woods etc).The members of the team will assure that in the camping zone and in the zone the cleaning and living rules are respected.

Improvements for the scout centre Creativity and innovation are the key words for this team. When you will take part of this team, togheter with the other members, you will develop different areas of the centre.An exemple would be a permanent scout exposition in one of the towers or creating a special zone where people can relax.

Read more and apply here.

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