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Forum-of-European-Roma-Young-People-FERYPThis study session is a six-day activity in the field of Gender Equality and Roma women’s Empowerment organized by FERYP in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

The aim of the study session is to enhance the capacities and to empower the young Roma women, promoting equality and their equal participation in Roma communities and organizations.

  • To reflect on and analyse the obstacles, needs, and current challenges young Roma women face today in their communities
  • To address gender-based discrimination in Roma communities.
  • To foster young Roma women’s capacities and leadership to be equally involved in public life and decision making processes.
  • To explore the practices, approaches and opportunities existing in the Council of Europe (Human Rights Education, Gender based violence resources, No Hate Speech Movement, Roma youth Action Plan) to work with Roma youth on gender issues.
  • To define the strategies in mainstreaming Roma gender equality within Roma communities and civil society.
  • To enable and support participants to develop follow up plans, initiatives, actions, activities and programmes empowering young Roma women’s full and meaningful participation in their communities and beyond.

Date and Venue: Strasbourg, 8-15 June 2014.

Application deadline: April 9, 2014.

Candidates will be informed whether their application has been accepted, rejected or if they have been put on the waiting list, by April 15, 2014.

Participation Fee
For this activity the participation fee is 50 Euro. The amount will be deducted from the travel reimbursement of the participants.
Reimbursement of Travel Costs
The accommodation for the activity is provided at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg and is covered by the organizers of the session.
The reimbursements of travel expenses (based on economical prices, Apex, student price, special price) and visa, will take on the spot during the week in Euro or by bank transfer after the activity. Participants should bring with them original invoices to prove the costs of travel (ticket and visa) as well the tickets. To be reimbursed participants should take part at least 80% in the activity.

The Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP) – European Roma Youth Network established as a non-formal network in 1997 and registered as a European Roma Youth Association in 2002.

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