Open Call – Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme

Journalists and relevant* media outlets that target audiences in one or more of the following nine European countries are eligible to apply: Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Media published in any of the official languages of the admissible countries may submit an application.

Journalists and media outlets not based in the countries mentioned above, as well as freelancers, are ONLY eligible to apply as cooperation partners of admissible organisations. A “letter of commitment” for the story to be published or aired by an eligible media outlet will be required from all applicants, once they have been invited to submit a full-fledged proposal.

State owned or directly government-controlled entities are NOT eligible for funding.

All projects must provide in-depth information of relevance beyond the limitations of daily news cycles. The latter must be true even if the coverage appears on the occasion of specific news events such as summits or conferences.

Projects are required to address by theme, style, and presentation the general public, or large audience segments, or must effectively leverage important multipliers. They may be one-off publications or entire series, which must be narrative, exploratory and explanatory in nature, and may be presented in a linear or non-linear fashion including text, graphics, images, animations, interactive elements, video, audio, or film. Projects aiming at cross-country cooperation and using multiple platforms are strongly encouraged to apply.

*A relevant media outlet is considered to be one of the following: A public or commercial broadcaster with at least broad regional reach; a mainstream print magazine or newspaper with distribution at least in a region or major city with over 500,000 inhabitants; a print trade publication or specialist magazine of particular influence as a multiplier; a website of significant reach and audience, an electronic format such as a mobile application – or contribution to an existing app – with demonstrable potential to reach a large audience.

Application deadline: 25 February 2015

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