Human Rights Consultant (Georgian Nationals)

undpUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through its project “Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia” is aimed at establishing the Georgian Parliament as a credible institution with an essentially greater role in national policy-making and European integration.

Under the overall supervision of the UNDP Project Manager and in close cooperation with the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, the Consultant shall perform the following tasks and activities:

Conduct an assessment of the Committee’s activities in the area of policy- and law-making and oversight, based on desk research, meetings and interviews with the respective stakeholders – MPs, staff, government, NGOs, etc. In the frames of the assessment, the Consultant shall consider the major strategy documents in the field which guide the reform process in Georgia (e.g. human rights strategy, etc.).

Besides, the Consultant shall assess the Committee’s interaction with other parliamentary committees, respective line ministries, Public Defender’s Office, and other agencies; as well as analyze cooperation scheme with local and international organizations and assess committee capacities for public outreach and communication. To support the Committee to better coordinate the donor assistance, a respective donor matrix shall be developed.

While conducting the assessment, the Consultant shall closely coordinate with the international experts of the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS), one of the implementing partners under the UNDP Project tasked with enhancing committee’s operational capacities.

Based on the above needs assessment, support the Committee in developing a committee strategic action plan for 2014-2016 reflectingnecessary reforms in the area of human rights, justice and rule of law. The document shall include overall vision, goals and strategic directions of the committee, define roles and responsibilities for concrete actions and set targets and indicators for monitoring the progress of implementation of the action plan.

Most importantly, the Consultant shall advice the Committee leadership to promote a participatory process of drafting of the committee action plan. This shall be achieved through a series of debates, discussions and informed consultations with various stakeholders. In this light, the Consultant shall facilitate:

  • One inception workshop with the Committee Members and Staff to discuss the Committee needs for more effective law-making and oversight and build an understanding of the basics of strategic planning;
  • One strategic planning workshop between the Committee and respective government bodies to discuss the reforms in the respective area and agree on coordination mechanisms;
  • One strategic planning workshop between the Committee and civil society organizations to exchange information and discuss the reforms in the respective area;
  • One strategic planning workshop with Committee Members and Staff to share the outcomes of different discussions and present the strategic action plan outline;

Final workshop with Committee Members and Staff to present and discuss final draft of the action plan and validate the document with the Committee leadership.

Throughout the process the Consultant shall ensure that the Committee drives the strategic planning process and has an ownership of its outcomes.
Within the framework of the action plan, the Consultant in close coordination with the Committee shall develop a legislative roadmap to undertake prioritized, inclusive and higher quality legislative reform. The roadmap will serve to identify laws that need to be reformed and/or drafts that need to be initiated to regulate concrete areas falling within the scope of the Committee mandate.

In addition, the action plan shall also include effective mechanisms for ensuring public outreach on committee activities.

Draft a final report on performed activities.

Location: Tbilisi, GEORGIA

Application Deadline : 27-Jun-14

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