A new logo for the ‘Council family’

As of 1 July 2014, the European Council, the Council of the EU, the Euro Council of the European UnionSummit, the Eurogroup and the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC) will have a renovated logo supported by a new graphic charter.

The logo was chosen for its simplicity and symbolism. It combines the European flag with a design inspired by the future Europa building that will house both the Council and the European Council by 2016. It is aligned with the architectural approaches of the visual identities of the other main institutions, announced the Council.

The new visual identity better reflects the institutional situation and encompasses all entities served by the GSC. It also overcomes the growing technical shortcomings of the existing visual identity as the current graphic charter pre-dates many digital applications and the font used does not exist in all EU languages.

The new visual identity will apply to the entire “Council family”: the European Council and its President; the Euro Summit and its President; the Council and its Presidency (with specific provisions for co-branding with the rotating Presidency); the Eurogroup and its President and the GSC, as supporting administration.


The GSC has worked closely with incoming Council presidencies, starting with the Italian Presidency, which will be the first to co-brand with the Council. This will enable both rotating presidencies and the Council as a whole to benefit from a stronger identification by being associated in a systematic way.

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