Network and Information Security (NIS) at ENISA

Ref. ENISA-CA-IV-2017-12

The Agency welcomes applications from highly motivated candidates to contribute to the development of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).

Please send your applications by no later than 01 March 2018 at 16:00 (Heraklion, Greece local time).

1. The Agency

The Agency is a centre of expertise for cyber security in Europe.

ENISA is actively contributing to a high level of network and information security (NIS) within the Union, since it was set up in 20041, to the development of a culture of NIS in society and in order to raise awareness of NIS, thus contributing to proper functioning of the internal market.

ENISA focuses on five main areas:
  • Collecting and analysing data on security incidents and emerging risks in Europe;
  • Assisting and advising the Commission and the Member States in their dialogue with industry to address security related problems and, when called upon, in the technical preparatory work for updating and developing Community legislation in the field of network and information security;
  • Promoting best practices, risk assessment and risk management, training and awareness raising actions;
  • Encouraging co-operation between different actors, developing and maintaining contact with institutions, the business community and consumer organizations, notably through public/private partnerships;
  • Tracking the development of standards for products and services in the field of network and information security and promoting their use.

ENISA is located in Heraklion (the agency’s official seat) with an operational office in Athens (Greece). The place of employment for the Network and Information Security Officer (NIS) Officer is Athens.

ENISA’s staff are expected to be reasonably mobile in order to respond to the needs of the Member States on the basis of planned as well as ad hoc needs.

Further information about ENISA may be found on our website:

2. Job description

The Core Operations Department (COD) of ENISA is looking for recruiting NIS Officers in the field of Network and Information Security (NIS) and in the areas of:

  • Secure Infrastructure and Services;
  • Data Security and Standardization;
  • Operational Security;
  • CSIRT relations;
  • Horizontal Support & Analysis.

The jobholder will be assigned to one of these areas in the COD Department. The objective is to fill in current vacant positions and furture ones, so to establish a meaningful reserve list of talents.

The officer in Network and Information Security must have the ability and willingness to contribute to more than one of the areas of the ENISA work program as and when required. Allocation of tasks is based on an internal work plan developed by the Agency.

For a more detailed view of the activities of the Core Operations Department (COD) of ENISA please refer to the ENISA Programming Document 2018-2020:

Key responsibilities:
  • Assist in collecting information and knowledge on security policies, good practices, measures and standards in the above mentioned areas;
  • Contribute to stock takings and surveys;
  • Assist in analysis and development of recommendations, in line with the needs of the work programme;
  • Identify relevant stakeholders, form expert groups and assist in managing them including steering and editing technical content;
  • Organise workshops and validate findings;
  • Set up and assist in managing tenders and contracts related to the activities of the work programme;
  • Contribute to the dissemination and take up of the results of the Agency;
  • Perform any other tasks that are appropriate to the role.

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