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eea-logoThe European Environment Agency (EEA) is organising an open competition with a view to recruiting a contract agent to work as Project Manager within the area of biodiversity indicators and assessments and further with a view to establishing a reserve list.


The EEA is an Agency of the European Union (EU) and one of the decentralised Union bodies. The EEA aims to support sustainable development and to help achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe’s environment, through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policy-making agents and the public.


Under the responsibility of the Head of the Biodiversity Group, reporting to the Head of Natural Systems and Vulnerability Programme, the Project Manager will coordinate the development of indicators to assess progress towards the global and EU biodiversity targets (2020 and beyond), liaise with other indicator initiatives both at EEA and global level and on gathering evidence for a broad range of ecosystem assessments.

The work will be conducted within the EEA management framework, and at the EEA Biodiversity, Agriculture and Forests group and involving the Agency’s European Topic Centre for Biological Diversity (ETC-BD). Both the group and the ETC hold the maintenance of priority datasets, secure broad data management within the European Data Centre for biodiversity, produce and manage  information structured in dedicated on-line information systems (BISE, CHM-BD), indicators (e.g. SEBI) and assessments (e.g. SOER, Biodiversity Baseline). As data supplier and receptor EEA cooperates with many European and international partners to this effect (European Commission, member countries, UNEP-WCMC, Council of Europe, CBD, GBIF, IPBES, etc.).

Particular focus will, on the one hand, be on strategically defining the process of biodiversity indicators development in the context of post-SEBI 2010 (Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators 2010) process, identifying key knowledge gaps and emerging issues, both research and sector oriented (in particular agriculture and forests) as well as securing gathering of relevant data and consolidating EEA participation and visibility in relevant European and global processes and initiatives; and, on the other hand, on contributing to inter-linkages between biodiversity and other strategic themes and topics (e.g. grassland, freshwater, marine ecosystems, land cover/use change, climate change, food security, resource efficiency).

The successful candidate is highly professional, creative and motivated by environmental matters at large, has very good technical skills on biodiversity information and knowledge processes, analytical competences and good abilities to network and conduct cooperation activities.

The position will entail the following tasks:

  • Support the strategic developments of EEA indicator-based assessments activities, focusing on the biodiversity and ecosystems related topics in state-of-the-environment reporting that combines scientific soundness and policy- relevant analysis;
  • Secure the management and development of EEA related biodiversity indicator factsheets (SEBI and Core Set Indicators) liaising with the data and information handlers and linking to the EEA Indicator Management System and corporate communication;
  • Connect and organise relevant expertise in: biodiversity indicators and ecosystems assessments across EEA programmes and groups; within EIONET and partner networks, in particular, bridging ETC-BD activities in the field and corresponding packages of work within its annual Action Plan; and with EEA member and associated countries;
  • Support the development of other indicators under the responsibility of the Biodiversity Group, in particular Agri-Environmental Indicators;
  • Develop and maintain cooperation, mainly in relation to above, with the EU institutions (i.e. relevant Directorates General of the European Commission, Eurostat) and other European organisations and projects that can contribute with data and information both to the EEA indicators and to EEA major reports (including SOER) to ensure policy relevance of EEA activities;
  • Actively follow-up a number of global and regional organisations and networks, in particular Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO), the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and others as appropriate, consolidating EEA participation and visibility in relevant global and regional initiatives contributing to the role of EEA in relation to the implementation of Global and EU policies in the area of Biodiversity;
  • Support broader outreach activities by harvesting diverse contributions and projects across EEA into the Biodiversity Information System for Europe (BISE) within the Common Implementation Framework being set for the EU Biodiversity Strategy and reaching out to broader indicator and ecosystem assessment communities and networks;
  • Prepare and revise reports, papers and other documents interlinking with other colleagues in the Biodiversity group, across NSV groups and across EEA programmes;
  • Organise regular information exchanges, meetings and workshops on indicators, to exploit, in cooperation with others, relevant policy analyses and ecosystems assessments projects requiring and feeding EEA results and objectives;
  • Represent EEA in relevant meetings and conferences to foster information exchange and knowledge sharing in the relevant fields; initiate relevant procurement procedures (incl. preparation of  terms of reference), ensure follow-up of the project’s implementation, performance of contractors and partners (objectives, outputs and deadlines) as well as supervision of, and advice to contractors and other EEA and ETC staff.

The place of work will be Copenhagen, Denmark.

Closing date for application: Monday 16 February 2015, at 12.00 (Central European Time) 

Read more and apply here.

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