Electoral Media and Communication Consultant

As part of the Integrated Electoral Assistance Team (IEAT), the Media and Communication consultant supports Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in the development and implementation of electoral media and communications strategies, which engage media and other stakeholders with a view to promoting participation and strengthening understanding and trust in electoral processes.

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Application Deadline: 20-Feb-13

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UNDP, as part of its governance programme, is working to strengthen electoral processes in Iraq. This includes provision of electoral technical assistance, support to the institutional development of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) responsible for conducting elections, and the promotion of inclusive and accountable participation in electoral processes by all stakeholders, including voters, civil society organizations, media and political entities.

All activities take place in close cooperation with the IHEC. According to Iraq’s constitution, the IHEC is a professional, governmental, independent, neutral and autonomous institution, subject to the supervision of the Council of Representatives. It has all authorities to conduct elections in Iraq.

The electoral programme is also implemented through strong partnerships between UNDP, UNAMI, and UNOPS as part of the UN Integrated Electoral Assistance Team (IEAT).

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