Security Officer – European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA)

The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) has set up a selection procedure that aims to establish a reserve list for:
Security Officer
(Vacancy Reference Number: GSA/2018/556)

The Security Officer will contribute to the site security and the protection of EU Classified Information (EUCI) and crypto material in compliance with the relevant legislation, implementing acts, and local security procedures. He/she shall primarily perform tasks of site physical protection and control, which will include the day-to-day service interface with the security personnel of the hosting site (INTA). He/she shall also perform tasks of registry control of EUCI and crypto materials.
His/her contribution will include the following non-exhaustive list of tasks:

  • Local Security Management:
o Assume general security responsibilities: ensure that good security practices for the protection of EUCI and crypto material are in place at all times
o Implement security and safety jointly with the parties hosting the GSMC facilities as well as relevant
security authorities involving:
– The use and implementation of access policies of the security related systems
– The activities of the guards whenever needed to maintain solid security environment
– The monitoring of guarding performance (e.g. KPIs) and service terms
– The implementation of safety processes coordinated with GSA Administration and the hosting site
o Manage the GSMC Access control system/CCTV systems
o Manage and control site access requests and decides on the issuing of badges, according to the approved security profiles
o Monitor the physical security of electronic systems of the GSMC
o Monitor and report on security breaches and compromise of EUCI, and contribute to security coordination with GSMC master site and GSA’s Central Security Office
o Contribute to the implementation of changes recommended as a result from audits
o Manage physical security keys as well as security containers codes regular update cycle
o Provide initial briefing to new permanent badge holders and perform the debriefing of any such holder’s last departure from the GSMC
o Perform audits of inventories of EUCI Registry and/or Crypto account
o Contribute to/deliver the overall GMC security training/awareness briefings
o Contribute to the definition and execution of the GSMC Backup site business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans, and emergency evacuation and destruction plans of EUCI/Crypto material.
o Liaise with relevant authorities and partners
o Write new or update the existing Security Operating Procedures related to the site security
o Assume other tasks related to the GSMC site security as defined by the applicable regulations and
security operating procedures
  • EUCI Registry management:
o Administration and upkeep of the GSMC classified document registers (CONFIDENTIEL UE/EU
o Day-to-day administration and distribution of classified documents
o Registration, marking, preservation, reproduction, transmission, dispatch and destruction or transfer of EUCI and classified equipment, as well as assuming any other tasks related to the protection of EUCI and classified equipment
  • Crypto material and registry management:
o Management and safeguarding (secure storage, handling, distribution and processing) of all cryptomaterial under his/her custody, including the Inspection of the incoming/outgoing transport packages for  completeness and correctness of accounting records
o It might be also requested to perform crypto operations relating to the GSMC IT systems by implementing the defined crypto Standard Operating Procedures (key generation, operation of crypto equipment, management of passwords and codes, etc.)
  • Personal certifications: he/she may be required to follow training courses and obtain relevant certifications in order to perform his/her duties (e.g. electrical systems operations, crypto operations)
  • Implement Safety/Security/Quality processes and procedures in his/her area of responsibility
  • Participate to the ‘on-call’ roster and continuity plans procedures preparation and execution:
o He/she may be called for the execution of on-call procedures outside normal working hours and to follow
relevant training
o When planned, he/she shall be able to come back to the GSMC within a defined timeline
o Prepare plans and procedures and deliver training in relation to his/her responsibilities
  • Perform other relevant duties as required, such as acting as backup for other staff, particularly in technical or security areas

Place of employment: GSMC Backup Site located in San Martín de la Vega-Madrid (Spain)
Deadline for applications: 17/01/2019 11:59 a.m. (Prague Local Time)

Read more on the GSA’s website.

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