Operations Engineer – European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA)

The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) has set up a selection procedure that aims to establish a reserve list for:

Operations Engineer

(Vacancy Reference Number: GSA/2017/936)
Deadline for applications: 29/01/2018 11:59 a.m. (CET)
Location: Prague (Czech Republic)

The role of the European GNSS Agency, in the Galileo exploitation phase,
includes tasks as follows:
(i) Operational activities of the Galileo Programme including system infrastructure management, maintenance, on-going improvement, accreditation and standardisation, as well as services provision
(ii) Development and deployment activities of the evolution and future generations of the systems, including procurement activities
The Galileo Services department is in charge of managing the exploitation phases of the Galileo Programme, and in particular will:
– Manage the execution of the Galileo exploitation phase in compliance with the European Commission (EC)
– GSA delegation agreements, controlling the associated schedule, costs and risks
– Analyse, define and implement the Galileo exploitation concept
– Manage the Galileo infrastructure operations, maintenance, protection, on-going improvement and evolutions activities, through associated contracts and/or working arrangements
– Manage the standardisation activities associated with the Galileo Programme
– Manage the operational interfaces and services provision to the Galileo users
– Liaise with the GSA Market Development Department for the services adoption and continuous improvement of the Galileo use
– Liaise with the GSA Security Department and Security Accreditation Board for ensuring the accreditation of the Galileo systems and services
– Liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure certification of the Galileo systems and services
– Liaise with the EC and ESA for all matters dealing with the Galileo
exploitation-related activities
The Galileo exploitation phase started with the provision of the so-called Initial Services in 2016, followed by the Galileo Systems infrastructure transferred from European Space Agency (ESA) to the GSA through EC mid-2017.
The services provision is managed directly by the GSA. The Galileo deployment is planned to be completed in parallel to the exploitation phase by 2020, when the full services will be declared (FOC).

The Operations Engineer will be involved in the operations of the Galileo system, including in principle the Galileo Search and Rescue (SAR), depending on operational needs, priorities and his/her main area(s) of competence.
He/she is integrated in the Galileo Services Department and reports to the Galileo Operations and Maintenance Manager. Such hierarchical reporting may change if necessary in line with the developments of the GSA and department’s organisation.
The Operations Engineer tasks and responsibilities will in principle include (without limitation) and subject to adjustment by his/her reporting line manager:
  • Contributing to the technical management of the Galileo and/or SAR/Galileo operations contracts managed by the Agency, in the area of Ground Segment operations
  • Monitoring operations activities, such as the operational validation activities in relation to Ground Segment and assessing the readiness of operations and Ground Segment for entry into operations;
  • Participating and representing the GSA in operations related boards, such as Anomaly Review Boards and Service Incidents Response
  • Evaluating operations improvement proposals, providing an assessment of its impact on infrastructure, operations and service provision
  • Reviewing the operations-related plans, procedures and reports, identifying and monitoring deviations and impact on other activities
  • Contributing to the strategic and operational planning processes
  • Preparing for and participating in project reviews/meetings
  • Reviewing regular and ad hoc reports produced by operations contractors on all topics related to operations
  • Supporting the Operations Change Control Board by preparing, reviewing and assessing changes to the operational contractual and technical baseline and the operations improvements proposals
  • Maintaining an efficient and trusting relationship with project stakeholders, within the GSA and with the relevant subcontractors
  • Supporting the Galileo Operations and Maintenance Manager for any topics related to Galileo and/or SAR/Galileo operations
  • Contributing to other tasks of the Galileo Services Department as necessary

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