Fellowship Program at the New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania

logo-New-Europe-College-NECNew Europe College, an Institute for Advanced Study in the humanities and social sciences in Bucharest, Romania is offering through competition Fellowships in a newly launched program – Pontica Magna.
This program targets young researchers, media professionals, writers and artists from the countries around the Black Sea, but also beyond it (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine).
Candidates are welcome to apply with projects on topics of their choice, for in-residence fellowships of one or two terms at the NEC.


Pontica Magna Fellowships are earmarked for applicants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine (other post-soviet countries may also be considered).
Candidates must be doctoral students at an advanced stage of their research, or hold a PhD title.
Journalists, media professionals, writers and artists are also eligible; a PhD is not compulsory in such cases, but it is a plus.
In its absence, a CV presenting their achievements so far in their chosen activity will be taken into account (see the guidelines for details). Preference is given to candidates below the age of 40.

Deadline: 28 June 2015

Read more and apply here.

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