Assistant for the Resident Twinning Advisor – EU Delegation to Israel

eeas-logoTwinning project between Israel, Italy and Germany entitled: “Reinforcement of National Policy and Tools for Implementing Rural Development in Israel
Financed by the European Union Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)

Vacancy: Assistant for the Resident Twinning Advisor 

The Framework for the Job The project is focuses on supporting the MARD and other Israeli involved administrations in the fine-tuning of the organizational structures, the administrative procedures for the implementation of EU-like RD measures and the training of human resources, especially through:

  1. strategy and policy development and promotion of diversification of rural activities,
  2. development of administrative environment capacity building and implementation tools.

Place of work: Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development – Beit Dagan 50250, Israel

Contractual nature of the job: Independent consultant, on the basis of the standard IPA- ENPI contract for services. The assistant will be self-employed and will undertake full responsibility for the payment of all taxes and obligations deriving from the legislation in force, including for those related to medical and social insurance.

Duration: 2 and 1/2 months from 15th May 2014 to 31 July 2014.

Remuneration: € 6.250 lump sum. The contract provides for the payment as the following, 1.250 at the end of May, 2.500 at the end of June, the last 2.500 at the end of July 2014

Status of the position: The assignment is full time and the RTA assistant contract will run from the 15th May 2014, date of the signature of his/her contract to 31 July 2014, end of the Twinning project.

Application deadline: 31st March 2014

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