logo-EUROCHAMTTEUROCHAMTT is a registered, non-profit membership organisation which seeks to strengthen partnerships between European and Trinidad and Tobago companies as an approach to increasing investment and trade in Trinidad and Tobago.
This TOBAGO GOOD FOODS PROJECT is a project of the European Business Chamber in Trinidad and Tobago (EUROCHAMTT). It is financed with a contribution from the Enabling Competitive Business Strategy (ECB Strategy), a programme of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment (MTII) and the Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development (MOLSMED). The ECB Strategy is the focal point for financial support of the European Union.

The EUROCHAMTT TOBAGO GOOD FOODS PROJECT is a 3 year project which aims to promote and support investments in the production of ‘good food’ in Tobago and to associate the Tobago brand of tourism with ‘good food’.

The objective of this project management consultancy is to support the EUROCHAMTT Board in its specific management of the execution phase, monitoring, reporting and communications functions associated with this project.

There are 12 beneficiary projects selected for support and each project requires its unique schedule of activities. These are outlined in Agreements signed between EUROCHAMTT and the beneficiaries.
The 12 projects are presented in the accompanying document.
Technical consultants are recruited by EUROCHAMTT to provide the technical support to these beneficiaries.


1) Work with the selected technical consultants to plan missions to Tobago and in particular
a) Liaise with the travel agent to book airfares.
b) Liaise with the accountants/ Aegis Business Solutions on per diem and professional fee payments for each person traveling and for each night.

c) Liaise with the beneficiaries to ensure the beneficiary can supply accommodation during the selected days.

d) Ensure that the beneficiaries arrange for labour to be present during all training at their estates.
2) Monitor through the technical consultants the collection, sanitising and storage of the inventory of tools which have been purchased for the project, after each mission. Periodically audit status of the tools.
3) Review the distribution of safety wear which has been distributed to date and ensure that these are with each property to receive safety wear and arrange distribution of remaining safety wear:
i) At least 3 Tree Crop properties require protective wear (head, face, ear, dust, hand, foot protection)
ii) At least 1 property requires Beekeeping safety wear
iii) At least 6 properties to receive food safety wear.
4) Review with technical consultants’ the recommendations for purchases of demonstration equipment and work with consultants to obtain quotations and evaluate the quotes.
5) Represent EUROCHAMTT regarding the Good Foods Project at coordination meetings with other funding agencies or government organisations in Tobago and / or in Trinidad if necessary. This could be at least three times.
6) Monitor and report on progress on each of the 12 projects. This reporting will be required no less than three times. Technical reports from the Technical Consultants can be fed into the progress reports of the Project Manager. Reports must be full of high quality images featuring the results and work in progress with explanatory notes. The reports will also be used for the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communication.
7) Work with the Board to plan and execute at least 2 collective Markets featuring all of the products which have been developed.
8) Seek opportunities for communicating EUROCHAMTT’s work including presentations and media, interviews with both Government and private media.
9) Support the Board with project document management including physical and digital files, success stories and templates for replication.

Application deadline:  25 November 2014

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