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The position is located in the Department for Multilateral Cooperation (MULTILATERALS). MULTILATERALS role is to lead, coordinate and promote the ILO’s active involvement in the UN system and cooperation with other multilateral organizations. The Multilateral Cooperation Specialist will be responsible for ensuring effective coordination between ILO departments in headquarters and regional offices and the UN and other multilateral organizations. The incumbent will collaborate closely with the ILO’s New York Office. A particular focus will be facilitating an active engagement of the ILO in initiatives for enhancing UN system-wide coherence and coordination and for promoting decent work within the framework for a universal, rights-based sustainable development agenda.

The position will report to the Director of the Department.

Description of Duties

Specific duties

1. Serve as Departmental Focal Point to monitor developments in UN system coordination mechanisms, signal issues requiring special attention as regards coherence and consistency, and support ILO Representatives in select Working Groups of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), in the High-level Committee on Programmes (HLCP) and in the High-level Committee on Management (HLCM)) as required;

2. Serve as Departmental Focal Point on UN-system wide initiatives as they relate to advocacy and support for the ILO’s mandate and programmes involving groups covered by the Emerging and Special Partnerships Unit of the ILO’s Partnerships and Field Support Department (PARDEV);

3. Collect information from ILO Headquarters and the Regions, provide substantive inputs for, and draft briefs and/or statements for use by ILO’s Representative to the UNDG, ILO’s Representative to the UNDG Assistant Secretary-General Group (UNDG-ASG), ILO’s Representatives to the Regional UNDGs and ILO’s Representative to the HLCP; provide contributions to briefs, as may be required, for use by ILO’s Representative to the HLCM;

4. Coordinate the preparation of and draft substantive inputs for ILO’s institutional contributions to: (i) UN reports on the effect given to General Assembly (GA) and ECOSOC resolutions dealing specifically with UN system-wide coordination and operational activities (e.g. the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR)); and (ii) guidelines and tools developed by UNDG and other UN coordination mechanisms, to ensure that ILO’s objectives and perspective are adequately reflected;

5. Organize and/or serve as an expert resource person for knowledge-sharing events (e.g. seminars, workshops and briefing sessions) for tripartite constituents, members of the diplomatic corps and other stakeholders, in support of ILO’s advocacy for promoting all pillars of “Decent Work” in internationally agreed development goals; organize, facilitate and participate in capacity-building initiatives to exchange good practices with regard to working within the UN system and other multilateral entities;

6. Review, analyse and provide information and advice for use by ILO HQ and the regions, including via briefings, with respect to ILO’s position within the UN system, key UN GA and ECOSOC resolutions addressing matters under ILO’s mandate, and the considerations/implications for giving effect to those UN mandates in ways that advance ILO’s values and strategic objectives within UN programming frameworks in a post-2015 context; and

7. Carry out other relevant duties as assigned.

These specific duties are aligned with the relevant ILO generic job description, which includes the following generic duties:

1. Design and promote a wide range of special subject-matter-related programmes, This involves: re-analysis of complex or conflicting data, statistics and information or policy guidelines, in a manner requiring the advanced application of principles of a recognised technical specialisation.

2. Develop and review an institutional framework, in which social partners can best improve, implement and evaluate efficient and equitable ILO action programmes.

3. Provide policy advice to ILO’s constituents on institutional strengthening, the application of ILO standards and the promotion of technical cooperation activities.

4. Formulate and submit project proposals and seek funding.

5. Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the project activities.

6. Undertake technical advisory missions independently or in collaboration with other specialists.

7. Conduct seminars, workshops and technical meetings and training courses.

8. Prepare draft recommendations and guidelines for discussion and adoption as ILO Recommendations or Conventions on related technical fields.

9. Write manuals and/or training guides on related topics.

10. Disseminate information on programmes through publications and, press releases, as well as ensuring representation at donors’ meetings, international, regional and national fora and advocacy campaigns.

11. Monitor and coordinate research carried out by junior technical officers and external collaborators.

12. Provide technical inputs to office documents (sectoral meetings, technical committees, regional meetings and conference reports).

13. Participate in tripartite reviews on technical cooperation activities and international meetings and conferences.

Duty Station:  Geneva, Switzerland

Application Deadline (midnight Geneva time): 26 April 2015

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