Jobs for young people: Alternatives to emigration

relanching_europe_logoFor its first event in 2014, Relaunching Europe is heading to Vilnius (Lithuania) to discuss one of Europe’s most pressing challenges: youth unemployment and the exodus of young people in search for job opportunities abroad.

Today, 5 million Europeans aged 15-24 are struggling to find a job. In some countries, the youth unemployment rate can reach up to 60%. In hope for a better future, many move to another EU state to find work causing a real brain drain in some countries like Lithuania, with long term effect on the national economy and development.

So how do we stop this brain drain? How can the state help young people find a job? Are mobility and emigration the only alternative? What’s the role of education? Are employees’ skills matching employers’ needs?

“Jobs for young people: Alternatives to emigration”
17 January 2014 at 17:30 Eastern European Time (doors open at 16:30)
Central Vilnius University Building, Theatre Hall

The event will also be video broadcasted live on the Relaunching Europe website.

Read more and join the debate here.

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