International Consultant/Communications adviser to the Speaker’s office

undpDuring the last two years the Parliament of Moldova has been very active in developing its organizational setup in order to improve the legislative process and have prompt reaction to changes and priorities of the society. In this regard, important internal regulations and policies were approved, the document flow optimized, the capacities of staffers increased.

Following several elections and political crisis, Parliament’s image was seriously affected. According to the last opinion polls, the perception of trust in parliament is slowly but steadily decreasing, from 29.5% in 2010 to 12% in 2013. Lack of adequate working conditions (parliament’s main building is still under reconstruction) affects parliament’s capacity to efficiently communicate too.

In this context, it is essential to foster good communication mechanisms and to improve the information channels within the Parliament, on the one hand, and between Parliament and CSOs, media, academia, private sector and citizens, on the other hand. The Moldovan Parliament approved a 4-year Communication Strategy in 2011 and its implementation is (although slowly) ongoing. Recently, the Parliament of Moldova elected a new Speaker. The Speaker represents the institution and is overall responsible to communicate about important political issues and legal changes which affect the society. Therefore, he and his office need extra support for establishing an efficient, systematic and continuous process of interaction with different stakeholders. This will increase the transparency of the institution, will bring Parliament closer to citizens, and finally, will build the confidence of civil society in Parliament.

In this regards UNDP Democracy Programme is seeking to hire a full-time qualified professional for a period up to 4 months, who will contribute to a better communication of parliament and advice on how to improve its image.
Location: Chisinau, MOLDOVA
Application Deadline: 10-Oct-13

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