Global Investigative Journalism Conference – Rio de Janeiro

  • More than 100 panels, workshops, and seminars on new trends and tools in investigative and data journalism, digital and physical security, and such topics as offshore tax havens, extractive industries, and climate change.
  • Nearly 40 data journalism sessions on spreadsheet skills, data visualization, mapping, database managers, tracking social media, statistics, network analysis, text mining, web scraping, and cleaning data;
  • Four tracks on corruption and organized crime, the environment and resources, sports, and data;
  • A hackathon that will focus programmers on apps that meet the needs of investigative reporters;
  • Collaboration workshops designed to link up journalists with stories, data, and colleagues worldwide;
  • An ICIJ workshop with its Offshore Secrets database, the unveiling of Investigative Dashboard 2.0 by OCCRP and Google, and nonprofit sustainability training by the Investigative News Network.
  • Announcement of the Global Shining Light Award, Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Award, and Latin American Investigative Journalism Awards.

 Read more and register here.

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