European Exchanges of Media Practices

MEDIANE supports European Exchanges of Media Practices (EEMPs) involving journalism and media training centers, mainstream, community media, minority and diversity media, journalists’ unions, organisations of media owners etc.

These exchanges intend to allow various media actors to strengthen and enlarge their competences in terms of journalism training and practice or media content production with the view of including diversity and non-discrimination in their everyday practice.

A EEMPs participant will work with his/her exchange partner for a minimum of 5 days/4 nights in his/her country. In exchange, the European colleague will welcome his/her partner for at least 5 days/4 nights in his/her country. At the end of this exchange, made up of at least two 5-day periods in two different EU countries, EEMPs participants produce an output, such as training tools, media reports, editorial management tools etc and a summary of their exchange experiences and recommendations to support inclusive and diverse media coverage.

The main objective of the EEMPs is to produce outputs (training tools, media reports, guidelines for recruitment etc.) or evaluate existing media products, training tools or case studies with the aim of including diversity and non-discrimination in design and production of media content.

MEDIANE provides a prepaid ticket and a fixed lump-sum grant of €500 for each EEMPs participant in support of cover their living expenses during their 5-day exchange. When applying, potential participants can suggest a European colleague they would like to work with, but the MEDIANE team can also support those participants in the search for a suitable exchange partner.

The application process is open from 15 April 2013 until December 2014. 160 European Exchanges of Media Practices in 28 EU member states.

Read more and apply here.

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