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Get Your Nobel Peace Prize!

Get Your Nobel Peace Prize! You can now vote for your favourite entry. Go to the voting application: it includes 16 preselected entries from the age group 18-24. Vote and share it with your friends! The voting ends on 2 December at midnight CET.

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EC improves EURES jobseeker mobility network

A Decision to modernise and improve EURES, the pan-EU job search network, has been adopted by the European Commission (EC). The Decision will help to increase mobility of workers across Member States and pave the way for a true European labour market. The EURES reform aims to make it easier for jobseekers to contact employers looking for particular skills, …

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Juvenes Translatores 2012

Will you participate in the Juvenes Translatores 2012? This year pupils born in 1995 can take part in the contest on 27 November 2012. Check here which schools were selected this year.

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2 million vacancies cannot be filled across the EU

Did you know that there are more than 2 million vacancies that cannot be filled across the European Union? Find more about the “Rethinking Education” strategy!

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2013 “The European Year of Citizens”

It’s your year! 2013 has been officially named “The European Year of Citizens“. Events throughout the European Year will explain how people can directly benefit from their EU rights and which policies and programmes exist. The European Year will also stimulate an EU-wide debate with citizens about what the European Union should look like in …

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Peace, Europe, Future

European Council “Peace, Europe, Future: What does Peace in Europe mean to you?” Contest Apply before 25 November 2012 You can find more information here: http://consilium.europa.eu/media/1794623/pnp-rules-of-contest-en.pdf

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