PhD scholarship in Fibre Design for Advanced Space-division Multiplexing

DTU-Technical-University-of-Denmark-logoThe goal of the PhD project is to explore the fundamental limits of space-division multiplexing (SDM), and contribute to an investigation aimed at defining the highest single-laser transmission capacity in SDM fibres. To reach this goal the PhD project will investigate multi-mode fibre (MMF) for example few-mode fibre (FMF) and explore higher order modes (HOM) such as Bessel modes, or the very intriguing orbital angular momentum (OAM) type of twisted light modes. To unleash the capacity potential of the low-crosstalk and, in principle, infinite number of available OAM modes, a significant effort on fundamental research needs to be done. Within the PhD work, the PhD student will explore OAM and HOM modes and optimize coupling to these space multiplexed fibre channels from silicon chips. The outcome of the PhD project will be fibre design guidelines that enhance SDM fiber performance taking for example distributed mode coupling, in-put and out-put coupling and system performance into consideration.

The PhD project will have strong synergies to other activities within the SPOC centre for example on muli-core fibers, advanced multi-mode couplers, Si-based OAM mode emitters and optical signal processing of OAM beams e.g. phase-sensitive amplification and how optical time lenses in conjunction with spatial lenses/diffractive elements may link space to frequency and to time. It is expected that the PhD student will benefit from collaboration with these activities to enhance the outcome of the PhD project.

Candidates should have a master’s degree in engineering or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to the master’s degree in engineering. Good communication skills in written and spoken English are a must.

Location: Denmark

Application deadline: 02 August 2015

Read more and apply here.

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