Generation Awake – Respect the Nature

ec-logoYour choices make a world of difference!

Do you want to live life to the full while respecting nature? Then Generation Awake is for you.

It’s all about opening our eyes to our consumer choices and the consequences they have on the Earth’s natural resources. When you’re part of Generation Awake, you’re aware that your choices not only change your world, but also the planet.

How? As life is all about choices, making smart day-to-day decisions that consider the environment also make a world of difference to your life and that of your family and friends. Firstly, it will help you save money and improve your lifestyle – and help the economy too. On top of that, smarter consumer choices make your city, your country, Europe and the planet more sustainable now and for future generations.

Together we can work towards a society where we have learned to get more from less, where the throwaway culture is a relic of the past, where waste is reduced to zero, and where all items have value and can be reused or reprocessed as new.

Generation Awake is a campaign created by the European Commission to highlight what each one of us can do in our daily life to save water, energy and other natural resources, and reduce waste. Enjoy your visit and, if you like what you see, share the link and the message with your family and friends and join us on Facebook too. Thanks – it’s great to have you on board.

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