Ent-Ex – The Entrepreneurship Experience Programme – Brussels

Ent-Ex-The-Entrepreneurship-Experience-Programme-logoEnt-Ex – The Entrepreneurship Experience Programme – developing entrepreneurial skills in interactive programmes 

Ent-Ex is a young entrepreneur-led project whose goal is to help young people develop entrepreneurial skills, essential whatever their future career.

Working with young entrepreneurs and student organisations throughout Europe to promote responsible entrepreneurship, Ent-Ex has run entrepreneurship summer schools in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Porto, Berlin, London and is back in 2016 for more venues: Brussels, Geneva, Warsaw…

Each 4 day workshop-style event follows a unique approach based on ‘learning by doing’. Ent-Ex does not promise a foolproof theory of how to be a successful entrepreneur, of how to build a successful business plan, nor of how to get finance from a dream investor.

Instead, Ent-Ex helps its participants to learn from successful entrepreneurs those skills they have which have made them successful, and how they have developped them. And as they explain how they’ve used their skills to build their sucess, Ent-Ex participants get to see a variety of business approaches and models, and to pick up hints and tips to develop their own.

An experienced coaching team helps them through the 4 day programme to develop some of these essential skills including: working in teams, networking, creating problem solving and effective influencing.

Throughout the event, Ent-Ex participants will also be introduced to a network of collaboratoes, coaches, mentors and new friends, which will help them build their future success.

Date: 1-4 February 2016

Location: Brussels, Belgium

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