Galileo Search and Rescue (SAR) Service Manager – European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA)

We are
The role of the European GNSS Agency, in the Galileo exploitation phase, shall include tasks in particular as follows:
(i) Operational activities of the Galileo Programme including system infrastructure management, maintenance, on-going improvement, accreditation and standardisation, as well as services provision
(ii) Development and deployment activities of the evolution and future generations of the systems, including procurement activities
The Galileo Exploitation team is in charge of managing the exploitation phases of the Galileo Programme, and shall in particular:

  • Manage the execution of the Galileo exploitation phase in compliance with the EC-GSA delegation agreements, controlling the associated schedule, costs and risks
  • Analyse, define and implement the Galileo exploitation concept
  • Manage the Galileo infrastructure operations, maintenance, protection, on-going improvement and evolutions activities, through associated contracts and/or working arrangements
  • Manage the standardisation activities associated with the Galileo Programme
  • Manage the operational interfaces and services provision to the Galileo users
  • Liaise with the GSA Market Development Department for the services adoption and continuous improvement of the Galileo use
  • Liaise with the GSA Security Department and Security Accreditation Board for ensuring the accreditation of the Galileo systems and services
  • Liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure certification of the Galileo systems and services
  • Liaise with the EC and ESA for all matters dealing with the Galileo exploitation-related activities

The Galileo exploitation phase started with the provision of the so-called Initial Services in 2016. The exploitation phase started mid of 2017, when the Galileo Systems infrastructure will be transferred from ESA to GSA through EC, and services provision will be managed directly by the GSA. The Galileo deployment is planned to be completed in parallel to the exploitation phase by 2020, when the Space Segment will have been fully deployed and all services will be declared fully operational (FOC).

We offer
The Galileo SAR Service Manager tasks and responsibilities shall in principle include (without limitation):

  • Act as focal point in the GSA in the StAR/Galileo service delivery process

o Interface regularly with SAR/Galileo Data Service Provider for operations planning and issues
o Review all SAR service related KPIs and ensure the compliance of the SAR service as deployed and operated to the corresponding Service Definition Document as published
o Ensure proper coordination between SAR/Galileo Data Service Provider (SGDSP) and GSA/Galileo Service Operator (GSOP) of the Galileo operational activities impacting the SAR Service Provision
o Manage technically and programmatically the SGDSP Contract and liaise with contract manager to prepare subsequent contracts to ensure operations continuity and maintenance of the SAR infrastructure

  • Ensure the end-to-end implementation of the SAR service evolutions in close cooperation with other Departments and with the European Commission

o Define the SAR service evolution roadmap (validation, roll-out, decommissioning) and associated implementation plan
o Ensure regular up-to-date maintenance of the SAR Service Definition Document with evolution of performances, in coordination with the SGDSP contractor.
o Prepare services declarations for the SAR service, in coordination with other Galileo service declarations

  • Manage the procurement, deployment and integration into the service delivery of SAR/Galileo Service infrastructure extensions in coordination with the relevant actors:

o Coordinate the Return Link Service Provider (RLSP) procurement; ensure RLSP and associated hosting site accreditation with the support of the GSA security department
o Prepare the SAR Ground segment infrastructure upgrades, in particular to extend the MEOLUT network and to support the second generation of Cospas-Sarsat beacons
o Coordinate of SAR infrastructure deployment with Galileo system build deliveries
o Coordinate with ESA and GSOP the introduction of new SAR transponders in the operational system

  • Support the European commission in interfacing with Cospas-Sarsat and other user communities (IMO/ICAO/Beacon Manufacturers)

o Support the EC for technical and operational matters, and when required act as technical and programmatic representative on behalf of the European Commission to Cospas-Sarsat
o Support and facilitate the integration of the SAR/Galileo infrastructure in the Cospas-Sarsat System through regular interaction with Cospas-Sarsat
o Liaise with the Market Development Department concerning the user segment market maters, aiming at promoting the use of SAR/Galileo (including the Return Link Service). Provide support to the management of grants related to the SAR service

  • Produce reporting to the European Commission and Member States related to SAR service management
  • Support the Galileo Exploitation for any topics related to Galileo services, mission and system evolution,
    and contribute to any others tasks of Department, as necessary

We look for
1. A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies5 attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is four years or more
A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and at least one year of appropriate professional experience when the normal period of university education is three years
2. In addition to the above, appropriate professional experience6 of at least nine years
3. Be a national of a Member State of the European Union or Norway

1) Essential qualifications and experience
i. University degree in the exact science, such as engineering, physics, mathematics or computer science
ii. Proven experience relevant to the tasks described
iii. Knowledge and experience in European space programmes and/or space-based services delivery
iv. Strong experience in project management and management of project teams
v. Very good command of both written and spoken English
2) Advantageous qualifications and experience
vi. Knowledge and experience of the European GNSS and/or Cospas-Sarsat programmes
vii. Experience in the Cospas-Sarsat Search and Rescue development, commissioning and/or operations
viii. Experience in the Galileo Infrastructure Development and/or Operations
3) Behavioural competences
ix. Motivation
x. Communication skills
xi. Working with others in a politically sensitive/multi-cultural environment
xii. Stress management and flexibility
xiii. Delivering quality and results
xiv. Prioritising and organising

How to apply
For applications to be considered valid, candidates must submit an email to with a subject line of ‘SURNAME_Name_Vacancy Reference Number’ and which contains the Agency’s approved application form (Download it here:
This form must be:
Completed in English
Fully completed, pointing out the professional experience relevant to this position (incl. calculation of years, months);
Printed, signed and clearly scanned (in one single document)
Named as follows: SURNAME_Name_Vacancy Ref. number (e.g. SPENCER_Marc_GSA.2017.123)
The application will be rejected if it is not duly completed and signed.

Place of employment: GSA Headquarters in Prague (Czech Republic)

Deadline for applications 4 September 2017 23:59 CET.

Read more and apply here.


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