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logo-world-health-oranization-whoThe World Health Assembly has declared Polio Eradication a ‘Programmatic Emergency for Global Public Health.’ WHO and the core Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) partners (UNICEF, CDC, Rotary International and BMGF) have taken a number of steps to put the polio eradication program on an emergency footing, including the development of the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan 2013-2018. The Strategic plan includes withdrawal of type 2 oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV2) in 2016 and establishment of monovalent type 2 OPV stockpiles and outbreak response capacity to mitigate risks associated with OPV2 cessation.

The Polio Operations and Research department is facilitating the identification of a consultant who will be responsible for developing and implementing the necessary procedures to ensure (a) the establishment and maintenance of the WHO global stockpile of poliovirus vaccines through drafting appropriate strategies and financial mechanisms (b) the availability, rational use and equitable distribution of vaccine to countries experiencing epidemics/outbreaks (c) the coordination and provision of international technical assistance during emergency vaccination campaigns.

Description of duties:
As a technical advisor, the consultant will:
1- Collaborate with vaccine manufacturers on stockpiles of mOPV2 and produce a summary report;
2- Work with UNICEF SD to develop adequate procurement strategies proposals for mOPV2 and bOPV;
3- Establish a list of new manufactures for production of mOPV2 stockpiles (BioFarma, BioManguinhos);
4- Propose a mechanism for vaccine allocation and deployment and develop the necessary SOPs;
5- Liaise with the focal points responsible for biocontainment and prequalification to develop a plan which ensures that the national stockpile will be in compliance with GAPIII;
6- Provide expert guidance and support to countries planning to hold national stockpiles (Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, India, China, etc);
7- Via collaboration with VMIT in GAVI and IVB/EP, develop a proposal to ensure adequate and rapid supply of IVP for outbreak response.

Duty Station: Geneva, Switzerland

Application deadline: 15 September 2015

Read more and apply here.

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